Contact and Event Management System

Project Name:
Open Source Contact and Evenet Management Tool

This is an open source Contact and Event Management Tool so that you can manage the contacts and events. The events will be entered for particular contact.
Event notifications will be generated if the event is in the 7 days range or if the event has been passed 2 days back.

If you do not have the JRE 1.6 installed on your computer then click here to get it. Download the appropriate file as per your operating system.
Here is the download page: Download CEMEC Binaries
Situation What to download? Size
If JRE 1.6 is installed on your machine CEMEC.msi 534.5 KiB
If JRE 1.6 is not installed on your machine CEMEC_WithJRE.msi 28,576 KiB

Hardware Requirement: Runs on almost every computer
Software Requirement: It may require JRE 1.6 depending upon the setup downloaded

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